first draft of a merge rule set

Neil Williams linux at
Wed Apr 14 16:57:54 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 14 Apr 2004 3:01, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Hi,
> I'll try to keep my comments high level as best as possible..


> g_merge sounds like a glib function.  This should either be 'qof_merge'
> or 'gnc_merge', depending on where it lives and how general it is.

Excellent, thanks. Just the tip I needed.

> > #define GMGINT64		14
> UGG!  Why are you doing this?  The objects are all pluggable _for a

First draft - I'm still getting use to GnuCash and glib. 

> bunch of #defines.  If you have a #define it makes it VERY hard for a
> plug-in module to insert a new data type.

OK. I can change that.

> Again, I'm not sure you really need to do this.  Can't you just add to
> the object definitions?

Fine - I wasn't sure whether to use that route.

> > #define GMGNC_COMMODITY_FIELDS(x) {		\
> > 	create_rule(x, "fullname", GMSTRING); 	\
> > 	create_rule(x, "namespace", GMSTRING);	\
> > 	create_rule(x, "mnemonic", GMSTRING); 	\
> > 	create_rule(x, "printname", GMSTRING);	\
> > 	create_rule(x, "exchange_code", GMSTRING); \
> > 	create_rule(x, "fraction", GMINT); 	\
> > 	create_rule(x, "unique_name", GMSTRING); 	\
> > 	create_rule(x, "mark", GMGINT16); 		\
> > 	create_rule(x, "quote_flag", GMGBOOLEAN); 	\
> > 	create_rule(x, "quote_source", GMGNC_QUOTE_SOURCE); }
> >
> > So far, a routine is working to assemble these rule sets into a workable
> > structure.
> This is looking AWFULLY similar to the qof-object definitions.

Gotta spend more time with qof.

> Frankly, the _LAST_ thing we need is _yet another_ place where an
> object needs to be defined.  Can we try to centralize this as much
> as possible?

Of course. 

> We already need to re-define objects multiple times (C struct,
> QofObject, XML Schema, and SQL Schema)..  I know Linas is trying to
> keep this down to two (C struct and QofObject) and then derive the
> XML/SQL Schema from the QofObject..  I'd personally rather continue
> along that path and extend QofObject to meet your needs:

>   QofMergeResult qof_object_merge_compare(QofInstance*, QofInstance*);
> > Next stage is to get the data into the same structures as the rules,
> > then the comparison functions can start.
> I hope the comparison functions are based in the core objects???

They will be, now.

Sorry to take the wrong route.


Neil Williams
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