some questions

Bernhard List bernie at
Mon Apr 12 16:35:26 EDT 2004

Hello there,

First of all thanks for all the work you guys are doing.
I  run a little company in Basel, switzerland and want to use your software
to do my bookkeeping.
I just installed gnucash  on my powerbook under OSX 10.3.3. It runs under
It runs very good. And I even have it running as a swiss version.
Now I have some problems though. The layout and the printing of invoices.

I looked at the invoice.scm and could change already some stuff.
I managed to bring the clients adresse  to the right and I guess it makes
kind of a table. Now my problem is it doesn't print anything which is placed
on the right side of the page. I believe it is because it formats the
invoice towards letter-size an not A4....Because my printer always asks for
lettersize paper...Is there a way of changing this?

And is there a way of sizing and placing the tables on the invoice the way I
would like to have them.

Would be great, if you could send me some hints....I would really like to
work with this software.

Thank you very much

Bernhard List from Switzerland

yummy industries. gmbh
stöberstrasse 36
4055 basel
tel. 0041 61 301 45 80
fax  0041 61 301 45 81

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