proposing 1.8.9 ebuild for Gentoo

Larry Siden lsiden at
Sun Apr 18 23:28:52 EDT 2004

Since I haven't yet seen anyone else do it or state their intent to, I'm
thinking of submitting the Gnucash 1.8.9 source tarball for inclusion in
the Portage tree for Gentoo ( together with
necessary Portage scripts.  Portage is Gentoo's installation and
revision control system, comparable to RPM on RedHat systems.

I was able to build 1.8.9 from source on my box with Portage by using
this patch:
and this Portage script ("ebuild"):, renaming it
to gnucash-1.8.9.ebuild.  Please see for info on the problem
building Gnucash docs that the above patch resolves.

The Portage script was originally submitted for 1.8.8 and lists these

# runtime dependencies
	hbci? ( >=net-libs/openhbci-0.9.13 )
	ofx? ( >=dev-libs/libofx-0.6.4 )
	postgres? ( dev-db/postgresql )"

# build-time dependencies

	nls? ( sys-devel/gettext )"

Does anyone have any comments on the above dependencies or on any other
information I have submitted above?  

When I submit this release and its accompanying build scripts to the
Portage source tree, I plan to submit them as "untested", meaning only
that it is untested for Portage systems.  I am new to submitting
releases for inclusion in Portage so I have not yet studied what process
needs to be followed to mark this release as "stable" for Portage on
various architectures (i.e. x86, Alpha, Sparc, ...).

My own testing consisted only of attempting to recreate the guile
segmentation fault I experience in 1.8.8. that occurred sometimes when
finishing a reconciliation, and sometimes when opening a new .xac file
after declining to save my previous work.  I was not able to recreate
this after building 1.8.9, but that should not be regarded as the final
word because I do not have a core dump from earlier crashes.  (For some
reason, core dumps seem to be disabled on my system, and I have never
found a config setting in the kernel build that enables or disables core
dumps.  If anyone knows how to enable core dumps please tell me.)

If someone else is already thinking of submitting Gnucash  1.8.9 to
Gentoo, I apologize.  In this case, please let me know if I may be of
any assistance.

-Larry Siden

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