Request for Comments: new QIF Importer

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 8 09:36:36 CST 2004

Chris Lyttle <chris at> writes:

> Me:
> I think the file should be scanned for ambiguities quickly when the user
> selects them and each file that has ambiguities should prompt a 'how do
> you want me to deal with this' question. If the user has selected
> multiple files with ambiguities then possibly a single popup with a list
> of questions to click 'fix' or 'not fix' to. After this I believe the
> combining should occur.

Yes, of course, the ambiguity detection is right up front, as quickly
as possible (it does require reading and quick-parsing the whole QIF
file before you can detect ambiguities).  That was always the plan, to
do that first and then (after the user is done adding files) combine
and continue.  My doc was just unclear that the question stopped at
the end of the paragraph and the rest of the text continued.

I do like the idea of adding a "choose this for all files" checkbox.

> Chris


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