Offer of help

Carl gnucash at Faultline.Com
Thu Jan 8 17:00:33 CST 2004

I run a small consulting company in Sunnyvale, CA and I am in the trying to 
convert my business from QuickBooks to GNUCash. There are some features 
that are missing or incomplete that I consider crucial to our use of the 
program. Since one of our services is contract programming we have 
expertise in house to implement some of the features we need and we are 
willing to donate time towards the effort.

Since we don't want to conflict with current on-going development, who do 
we talk to about things we want to work on? I have checked around the site 
and seen the roadmap which seems out of date compared to what I have seen 
being discussed lately on this list. I also read the post from a few months 
ago lamenting the lack of documentation for developers and the difficulty 
of bringing new developers into the project. Is that still the state of 

We are a small group and so we have to spend most of our time working for 
customers to pay the bills. But we do have some spare cycles to work on 
gnucash. I would prefer not to spend a month just learning the where 
everything is and how it is put together before being able to accomplish 
anything. But I realize that it might be necessary.

We would be working on FreeBSD and Mac OSX. We also have access to RedHat 
linux systems if needed for testing.

Here is the list of things we need in gnucash more or less in order of 
priority. Please direct me to the person(s) working on these topics or let 
me know if I should take them over:

We need invoicing that can import time records and expense items. We 
currently use IIF for the import because of QuickBooks but we could easy 
use CSV or some other format.  We also need to be able to link expense 
items to a customer and adding them to invoices without re-entering.

Modification of check printing to handle business checks and to print 
groups of checks. We print checks one per page with two stubs. The check 
includes the customer's address and the stubs list the bills/invoices being 
paid. Typically we enter all the bills as they come in and pay them when 
they come due in batch mode so we want to be able to generate the checks in 
batches and print them in batches rather one at a time.

The UI for vendor and customer selection on invoices and bills is very 
cumbersome and needs an overhaul.

A wizard for making a deposit and printing a deposit ticket would be nice 
to have but it is far down on the priority list.

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