Donations (again)

Benoit Grégoire bock at
Sun Jan 11 22:28:48 CST 2004

Since in the past we had to turn down (or not follow through) with a few 
offers to donate various amount of money, and we at least agreed that 
collecting donations was a good idea (For details see this thread, I'd like 
to revisit this issue one last time. 

Sourceforge now offers a service to accept donations. (More info here

Yes, it still uses paypal, and not everyone likes that.  However, since the 
system is operated by sourceforge, we are more likely to find support in the 
unlikely event that a problem would happen.  It's also a lot less work to 
maintain that doing our own thing, as it's already documented for the end 

Since it seems quite obvious that after all this time nothing else is likely 
to be setup, I suggest we go with that for the time being.  To set it up, the 
following would be required:

-Each developper listed as admin on SF must opt-in on this page  These are 
Benoit Grégoire	benoitg	[Email] [Profile]
Rob Walker	biffhero	[Email] [Profile]
David Hampton	hampton	[Email] [Profile]
Jeremy Collins	jcollins	[Email] [Profile]
Dave Peticolas	jdavisp3	[Email] [Profile]
Linas Vepstas	linas	[Email] [Profile]
Derek Atkins	mit_warlord	[Email] [Profile]
Chris Lyttle	wilddev	[Email] [Profile]

-Someone must be choosen to setup a paypal account to collect the money

-A thank you message must be written to be displayed to the contributors.

-Link it from the homepage.

That's it.  It's not perfect, but at least we'd have something.  Do we go for 
Benoit Grégoire,

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