ANNOUNCE: doc on improving periods (books), lots, and unrealized gains out

C. Gatzemeier c.gatzemeier at
Sun Jan 11 18:05:37 CST 2004

From the docs and with your help on the list I refined the concept of books 
and lots as described under /src/doc and I think I could  solve the issues 
that were noted.

Some things that had issues before:

   How to use "accounting periods" to support applying (multiple) accounting
   principles and optimize speed in larger data files.

   Allow transfering stocks to another brooker without breaking lots. Or
   making transactions in foreign denominated in currencies or moving to
   another country etc.

Additionaly it appears to me that a working implementation should actually be 
easier  than before.

Request for comments, wiki updates or patches ;-) 

The descriptions are available and editable at:


Best regards,

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