gnucash on os/x, thinking of a native port to aqua/cocoa

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 29 08:12:45 CST 2004


We would certainly welcome an aqua port, however it's a LOT of
work.  The majority of code in GnuCash is the UI, written in
Gtk/Gnome.  So you would either have to port that, or fine
a "gnome shim layer".

I'm surprised you consider "fink install gnucash" to be "no small
task".  However I agree that it could be made simpler.

Patches would be gladly accepted, but honestly I think this would
entail more work that you want to do.


Douglas Harvey <doug at> writes:

> Hello.
> First off, I wanted to congratulate all of you on the state of gnucash
> as it exists right now.  I can remember looking at this application a
> couple of years ago and was put off by the fact that I had to draw up
> a chart of accounts, etc.  I just installed it on a redhat9 system and
> was very impressed by how polished and complete it is.
> After browsing through the mailing list archives and doing some
> googling, my impression is that getting gnucash working under OS/X is
> no small task.
> I am thinking about making gnucash available as a fully native OS/X
> aqua application, to the extent that this is possible.  If gnucash
> could be made as simple to install and use as other mac apps, this
> would be a huge benefit for gnucash as well as mac users like myself.
> My question to this list is, does this seem practical/feasible?  I've
> checked out the cvs tree, and have read through some of the
> overview/architecture documents.  Do you think that I would wind up
> only being able to use code from the "engine"?
> Just thought I would start by asking those who would know best.
> Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have on this.
> doug
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