Feedback from Gnucash-Presentation at German LinuxTag

Christian Stimming stimming at
Fri Jul 2 08:04:45 EDT 2004

Just a small feedback from the German Linuxtag's presentation about 
gnucash :

There were about 200 people in the audience. The atmosphere there and on 
the whole Linuxtag was very good. My presentation went very well and the 
audience asked a whole lot of interested questions. After I finished the 
50-minute talk, we had so many questions that I had to continue the Q&A 
session outside of the hall. There seemed to be a lot of interest in our 
finance software...

The slides are online as OpenOfficeOrg- and Powerpoint-File in (in German). Feel free to 
re-use them or parts of it, but please quote my presentation as reference.

There were a couple of questions about the German HBCI online banking 
technique. There were also other questions about the business features 
which would be interesting for German business users. In particular:
- People asked about the automated Value-Added-Tax split (they ask this 
all the time). I told them it would take at most 4-5 days to be 
implemented, but still no-one volunteered. :-)
- Some business users asked about the possibility to have a German Tax 
Office's audit of the gnucash application, so that they are allowed to 
use it for German Tax declarations (I don't fully recall what this was 
about). Anyway, it is clear that the gnucash developers neither have the 
required money nor are willing to spend it on this audit. The questioner 
himself suggested he might team up with other German business users via 
the German mailing list or the Wiki in order to collect enough money for 
paying this audit.

Unfortunately there were no questions about how to pay a developer, but 
at least I mentioned our donation system. We'll see whether people 
actually got motivated to spend either time or money on our project.

But anyway, this presentation was great fun and I'm looking forward to 
do this again, if there are any opportunities around.


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