Feedback from Gnucash-Presentation at German LinuxTag

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Jul 2 09:25:30 EDT 2004

Nice job, Christian.  I'm glad the talk went well.


Christian Stimming <stimming at> writes:

> Just a small feedback from the German Linuxtag's presentation about
> gnucash :
> There were about 200 people in the audience. The atmosphere there and
> on the whole Linuxtag was very good. My presentation went very well
> and the audience asked a whole lot of interested questions. After I
> finished the 50-minute talk, we had so many questions that I had to
> continue the Q&A session outside of the hall. There seemed to be a lot
> of interest in our finance software...
> The slides are online as OpenOfficeOrg- and Powerpoint-File in
> (in German). Feel free to
> re-use them or parts of it, but please quote my presentation as
> reference.
> There were a couple of questions about the German HBCI online banking
> technique. There were also other questions about the business features
> which would be interesting for German business users. In particular:
> - People asked about the automated Value-Added-Tax split (they ask
> this all the time). I told them it would take at most 4-5 days to be
> implemented, but still no-one volunteered. :-)
> - Some business users asked about the possibility to have a German Tax
> Office's audit of the gnucash application, so that they are allowed to
> use it for German Tax declarations (I don't fully recall what this was
> about). Anyway, it is clear that the gnucash developers neither have
> the required money nor are willing to spend it on this audit. The
> questioner himself suggested he might team up with other German
> business users via the German mailing list or the Wiki in order to
> collect enough money for paying this audit.
> Unfortunately there were no questions about how to pay a developer,
> but at least I mentioned our donation system. We'll see whether people
> actually got motivated to spend either time or money on our project.
> But anyway, this presentation was great fun and I'm looking forward to
> do this again, if there are any opportunities around.
> Christian
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