gnc_numeric function pointer casts

Neil Williams linux at
Thu Jul 15 18:54:59 EDT 2004

On Thursday 15 July 2004 10:58, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Only because you don't understand function pointers.  ;)
> I suggest you read up on them, and then you'll understand
> what's going on and why your code is crapping out...

I was nearly there. :-) Thanks, Derek.

> Ok, do you understand the difference between "lister->param_getfcn"
> and "lister->param_getfcn(a,b)"?  I don't think you do. 

It wasn't clear in my mind before, it makes sense now.

> (feel free to break this up into two lines). 
gnc_numeric (*numeric_getter)(QofEntity*, QofParam*);
numeric_getter = (gnc_numeric (*)(QofEntity*, QofParam*)) 
qtn = numeric_getter(mergeEnt,lister);

> >
> >

I've updated the .c page with the working function pointers.

> Correct on all counts.  

Good. Thanks.

> Hopefully I didn't just confuse you more..

Not at all.


Neil Williams
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