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Peter O'Gorman peter at pogma.com
Thu Jul 15 20:48:09 EDT 2004

Perry Smith wrote:

> I'm attaching with gdb, breaking in nl_langinfo, and it is going to the 
> system library.  I'm also running my test program with gdb and it is 
> going to the same function.  (BTW, I'm on Mac OSX 10.3).  Both of the 
> calls call setlocale with the same two arguments.  So, I'm still stumped 
> as to why gnucash has no nl_langinfo.

So it is crashing in setlocale() ?

> I'd like to be able to start gnucash from gdb so I could set breakpoints 
> rather than attaching to it after the fact.

% /sw/lib/gnucash/overrides/gnucash-env /sw/bin/guile-1.6

(gdb) set args -e main -s /sw/lib/gnucash/overrides/gnucash

(gdb) run

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