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Fri Jul 23 09:52:56 EDT 2004

On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 11:11:56AM -0500, Perry Smith was heard to remark:
> When gnucash imported this, it created a sub account under "Interest" 
> called "Fidelity Ultra" and Fidelity Ultra has a subaccount with no 
> name.  I can see this in the xml as well as the Accounts window.  There 

Possibly a bug in the qif importer ???

>  "Interest" in quicken as well as gnucash is an expense but Fidelity 
> Ultra is an income account and the account with no name is an income 

Bad.  'Fidelity Ultra' should be an asset account of some kind, not
an income account.  You cannot use income/expense accounts to hold
anything of value.  Income/expense accounts are meant only to record
income or expenses, for use in cash-flow type reports. 

I'm thinking that the qif importer should be changed to prevent user 
from ever mapping a QIF account to an income/expense account (since
I don't think quicken even has the concept of income/expense, right?)

> account as well.  A sub account with a different type from the parent.  
> Is that allowed?

sort-of. income/expense accounts can be children of each other,
asset accounts can be children of other asset accounts, but one
must never mix income/expense with assets.


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