gnucash & MT940

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Jul 24 17:45:52 EDT 2004


the current CVS-HEAD branch contains the MT940 code, but it is disabled since 
April (IIRC) and cannot be compiled. It was disabled when the HBCI module 
switched from openhbci1 to openhbci2. The mt940 code depends on the openhbci1 
library and would need to be adapted to the openhbci2 library, but up to now 
it hasn't been touched again. 

Note also that the hbci guys (me and some other) are unsure whether we will 
really go for openhbci2 or whether we will change to yet another library 
(probably openhbci3). We would therefore advise against changing the mt940 
code at this point in time, but I have an eye on that.

If you *want* to get the mt940 working, then in theory it should be possible, 
but it requires some coding skills: The mt940 module depends on the openhbci1 
library (versions 0.9.x) and also on gnucash's import-export/hbci module. As 
I said, the current gnucash-hbci module uses openhbci2. You would therefore 
need to revert the import-export/hbci directory to the CVS date before the 
transition openhbci1 -> openhbci2 (look it up in the ChangeLog). Then you 
also need to revert the changes at that time in the file, and 
then it should compile... probably...


Am Freitag, 23. Juli 2004 22:26 schrieb Derek Atkins:
> Hi,
> gikotim at writes:
> > Hi!
> > I've tried to compile the CSV version with MT940 enabled. It is not
> > possible.
> I presume you mean CVS, not CSV. ;)
> As for it being possible, well, the code compiles, but I don't know
> if it will compile with mt940.  I believe you need openhbci-2 to compile
> the mt940 module, but I'm not sure.  I've never tried.
> > The error message say it is needed to fix the MT940 module.
> > Will this ever happen?
> Not if you don't actually send the error message, no.  Try sending
> the actual error message and perhaps we can help.
> -derek

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