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Wed Jun 9 06:12:31 EDT 2004

Hello people,

I'm planing a project for one of my students. He's doing a cybercash
frontend [1]. The idea would be to connect an accounting programm - here
Gnucash to the cybercash frontend, so one could:

1. add transactions into gnucash as soon as some cash arrives
2. trigger a transaction as soon as it's done in gnucash

I know that the HBCI project does something related. However are the two
points above as they are doable with existing framework or not?

That is:

1. do there exist hooks where a script or external application can be
   called when a transaction is entered?
2. is there a possiblity to call gnucash through some kind of RPC, from
   the command line or as a daemon to add a transaction?

If the previous two things are not doable from outside of Gnucash
(through scripts or similar), how much of an effort would it be to
add such hooks into and out of Gnucash?

    (not yet ready for prime-time)

  Tomas Pospisek -  Linux & Open Source Solutions

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