expense cash-flow report

Larry Siden lsiden at comcast.net
Wed Jun 9 15:41:47 EDT 2004

I generated an expense cash-flow report.  However, I wanted to customize
it so that:

* It would not distinguish between inflows and outflows, but combine
them.  Inflows would be positive numbers and outflows negative.

* It would show expenses only.

* One might be able to customize it in order to limit the report to
certain expenses.

* It might be capable of averaging weekly/monthly/quarterly, etc.

I looked at cash-flow.scm but realized I have too high a learning curve
if I am to get on with other projects.  However, I might be willing to
attempt to tackle this if someone else wants to help me, preferably,
someone who already knows Scheme and who understands the Gnucash API
("gnucash", "gnc-module" - whatever those are).

Anyone want to take me up on this?

-Larry Siden

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