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Benoit Grégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
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> > > * It would not distinguish between inflows and outflows, but combine
> > > them.  Inflows would be positive numbers and outflows negative.
> >
> > But that's what it IS doing..  Are you saying that if you have $10
> > going into an account and then $10 coming out that you want it to
> > display $0?
> Exactly.
> The reason that I would like this is because, for example, when I go out
> to dinner with a friend and pay for the tab with my credit card, I will
> credit my cc account, say, $40 and debit Expenses:Dining.  Then my
> friend gives me $20 cash for his share and I debit Cash with $20 and
> credit Expenses:Dining.  If that were my only night out for the month, I
> would like the report to show a single line for Expenses:Dining - $20
> instead of two lines: an outflow of $40 under "Money ... comes from" and
> an inflow of $20 under "Money ... goes to" as it does now.

Well, I think you are accounting for this expense wrong.  It should be cc 
account 40$ -> 20$ Expense:Dining AND 20$ Assets:Money lent.  When your 
friend pays you back, you to 20$ Assets:Money lent -> 20$ Cash.

This has two benefits (Aside from the report doing what you want):
- -You know how much you are owed
- -If for some reason you friend doesn't pay you back, you can get rid of the 
debt by toing 20$ Assets:Money lent -> 20$ Expenses:Bad loans.
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