expense cash-flow report

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 10 09:30:38 EDT 2004

Larry Siden <lsiden at comcast.net> writes:

> The reason that I would like this is because, for example, when I go out
> to dinner with a friend and pay for the tab with my credit card, I will
> credit my cc account, say, $40 and debit Expenses:Dining.  Then my
> friend gives me $20 cash for his share and I debit Cash with $20 and
> credit Expenses:Dining.  If that were my only night out for the month, I
> would like the report to show a single line for Expenses:Dining - $20
> instead of two lines: an outflow of $40 under "Money ... comes from" and
> an inflow of $20 under "Money ... goes to" as it does now.

As pointed out by Benoit, you are accoutning for this transaction

>> > * It would show expenses only.
>> Uhh, then you don't want a cash-flow report.  Or I'm not understanding
>> what you're trying to achieve.
> You are right, Derek.  What I really want is a true "Expenses" report,
> not Cash Flow.  The reason I said "Cash Flow" is because this is the
> closest one I could find, so I selected it as my starting point.

Why?  There are the expense pie/barcharts.  Aren't those sufficient?

>> > * It might be capable of averaging weekly/monthly/quarterly, etc.
>> This would be a good addition to the existing report.
> Yes, and I would expect that it is quite easy to accomplish, even for me
> with my total lack of experience with Scheme.  Might be the perfect
> intro project for me.

Yep :)


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