gnucash name

John Arrowwood jarrowwx at
Tue Jun 15 10:10:23 EDT 2004

>From: don Paolo Benvenuto <donpaolo at>

>I was reflexiong about gnucash, which is a wonderful application, in
>which all of you have put much work and much love.
>According to me, the name "gnucash" is not something that helps
>diffusion of the program, because anyone that hasn't a knowledge of
>programming and unix history sees the prefix "gnu" as terribly strange.
>The only think "gnu" could help thinking is in a strange animal. That
>would be misleading. While "gnu" says very much to a computer student or
>professional, it's very cryptic for a normal person.
>I thing that in order to make gnucash more attractive we should change
>its name and give it a simpler name. This would be a step more toward
>applying the Gnome HIG criteria.
>What do you think?

What does "amazon" have to do with books?
What does "fandango" have to do with movies?
What does "monster" have to do with jobs?

GNU may not be a household name among typical windows users.  So what?  
GnuCash doesn't work on Windows.  Know your market.   Know if you have 
selected the RIGHT market.

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