OFX download problems

Jeremy Jongsma jeremy at jongsma.org
Thu Jun 17 00:33:08 EDT 2004

OK, the bank OFX information has been updated to work with Money's new 
data format.  See http://www.jongsma.org/gc/


Jeremy Jongsma wrote:
> Jon Hamkins wrote:
>> Indeed.  I didn't follow up to the list, but once I used the account
>> option, the ofx.py script worked fine for downloading from Discover.  
>> I still haven't been able to download from Bank of America, because I
>> haven't found the OFX server information.  The previously mentioned
>> 'bankinfo.tar.gz' doesn't seem to have the required info for B of A.
> Yeah, Microsoft changed something recently - the index I was using is 
> apparently now pointing to out of date bank information, and I've been 
> too busy to figure out where Money is getting the new information. 
> Hopefully I'll get to it this week.
> -j

Jeremy Jongsma
jeremy at jongsma.org

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