OFX download problems

Jeremy Jongsma jeremy at jongsma.org
Sun Jun 13 00:49:11 EDT 2004

Jon Hamkins wrote:
> Indeed.  I didn't follow up to the list, but once I used the account
> option, the ofx.py script worked fine for downloading from Discover.  
> I still haven't been able to download from Bank of America, because I
> haven't found the OFX server information.  The previously mentioned
> 'bankinfo.tar.gz' doesn't seem to have the required info for B of A.

Yeah, Microsoft changed something recently - the index I was using is 
apparently now pointing to out of date bank information, and I've been 
too busy to figure out where Money is getting the new information. 
Hopefully I'll get to it this week.


Jeremy Jongsma
jeremy at jongsma.org

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