g-wrap (was Re: QOF won't link)

Thomas Viehmann tv at beamnet.de
Sun Jun 20 13:26:56 EDT 2004

Derek Atkins wrote:
> See, this is absolutely a requirement, IMHO.  If gconf2 doesn't let us
> do this then, IMHO, we CANNOT use gconf2.  I consider it a
> show-stopper if you tie a user's gnucash configuration to a single
> machine.  I'd rather keep the existing scheme-based configuration than
> lose the ability to have the same desktop on multiple machines (I
> already have this feature in my environment).

AFAIU, networking needs to be enabled in /etc/orbitrc (which it isn't by
default at least in Debian), then settings will be shared across the
network and written by the first gconfd activated by the user, assuming
$HOME is shared.
I'm not exactly an expert, though.


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