More KMyMoney peeking: is our file format clearly documented?

Linas Vepstas linas at
Thu Jun 24 11:03:18 EDT 2004


> It would've been nice if they just decided to write a Qt frontend
> to GnuCash, but I can certainly understand why they don't.

Let me say it again ... the major reason for 'modularizing' gnucash
was to allow other projects and programmers to use the modules in
thier projects.  Schemeifying the modules just f**it up.  They
were supposed to be separately installable shared libs, nothing more,
nothing less.  We really have to de-schemeify the modules.

> > The developer working on the gnucash importer had some interesting
> > things to note:
> >
> > quote:
> >
> > "3. Since I couldn't find any definition of the GC file structure,
> > I've based the code purely from what I've been able to deduce from my
> > own file, and a few small test files created for the purpose. "

In particular, the goal of the gnucash "engine" has (always) been to 
provide a GUI-neutral, indeed, OS-neutral way of accessing financial 
data through a well documented, supported API.   This GUI neutrality
is what allowed the Motif and GTK versions of GnuCash to co-exist,
and even helped start a KDE port, back when, until it withered.


p.s.  Christian, or whomever has this ability, please cross-post this
message to the KDE lists.  As the maintainer/author of significant
non-GUI chunks of GnuCash, I really do have an interest in somehow
sharing or collaborating ... 

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