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Englisch, Volker (NIH/NCI) volker at mail.nih.gov
Thu Jun 24 17:40:48 EDT 2004

> Uhh... What makes you think that these two bugs are the same?  IMHO
> these two are _not_ the same bug.  88517 is about cut-and-paste losing
> transaction information, whereas 92484 is about bulk moves of
> transactions.  They are certainly different in my mind.  Why do you
> consider them the same?

What the user in 88517 wants to do _is_ moving a transaction from account A
to account B and he/she is doing it by copy/pasting.  The information that
gets lost is the reconciliation status of the pasted transaction.  
IMHO there is and should be a distinction between copying and moving
transactions.  A copied tx, one that I want to copy from two months ago for
instance, should not be entered into the register as a reconciled tx just
because the original one was reconciled.  A moved transaction, however, has
to keep all of the information except for the account information.

Both bugs listed are requesting a method to move a single tx (or multiple
transactions) from one account to another one.  Am I reading this wrong?

By the way, I don't see a "mark bug as duplicate of" checkbox.  I may not
have permission to do this.


Volker Englisch

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