Report Writing Tips

Peter Long gnucash at
Sun Jun 27 18:57:53 EDT 2004


I have been using GnuCash for almost a year now. I would like to make a few 
small changes to some of the reports and possibly add a report or two. For 
example I would like a report the shows how the Unrealised Gains/Losses item 
are calculated. 

So I was hoping for a few pointers. I have already made a copy of the 
advanced- portfolio.scm and I have it appearing off the Report menu in 
GnuCash. I am in the process of trying to figure out what it does. There is a 
lot to learn. I was wondering if there exists any documentation of all the 
gnc:* procedures that seem to be used. Or will I need to dig through the code 
to figure out what is available?

Also is there any kind of development environment that I could use to debug 
the reports I write?

Any help would be appreciated.

Peter Long

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