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Linas Vepstas linas at linas.org
Mon May 3 11:07:05 EDT 2004


FYI, there are now two example progs on the web:

Although neither directly adress your question.

On Mon, May 03, 2004 at 10:33:32AM +0100, Neil Williams was heard to remark:
> I can't get this clear and I can't find any documentation on exactly how to 
> iterate over the existing, registered, GnuCash objects. At the moment, QOF 
> isn't make a whole lot of sense. Do I have to create and register yet another 
> object to query the invoice object? 


> If not, how do I access the foreach 
> routine for GncInvoice?

I think qof_object_foreach() should also work (and should be easier to 
get at and use than qof_collection_foreach().)

> Where's the documentation for using QOF and Gnucash together?

In theory, the docs should auto build with doxygen 
I think you need to 
configure  --enable-doxygen  or  --enable-dot

These docs may be, um minimal.

> 	GncInvoice *firstinvoice = gncInvoiceCreate (testbook);
> 	gncInvoiceSetID(firstinvoice, "1001");
> 	GncInvoice *secondinvoice = gncInvoiceCreate (testbook);
> 	gncInvoiceSetID(secondinvoice, "2002");
> 	printf("Invoice ID: %s\n", gncInvoiceGetID(firstinvoice));
> 	QofCollection *coll = qof_book_get_collection (testbook, GNC_ID_INVOICE);
> 	printf("Coll data type: %s\n",qof_collection_get_type(coll));

/** Call the callback for each entity in the collection. */
void qof_collection_foreach (QofCollection *,
                       QofEntityForeachCB, gpointer user_data);
typedef void (*QofEntityForeachCB) (QofEntity *, gpointer user_data);
You'll need to upcast the entity to gncInvoice.

I'll accept working, compilable example code for the qof/examples
directory.  Also, diffs to the .h files where most documentation
lives ... 


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