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Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Mon May 3 17:10:41 EDT 2004

On Monday 03 May 2004 4:07, you wrote:
> > Where's the documentation for using QOF and Gnucash together?
> In theory, the docs should auto build with doxygen
> I think you need to
> configure  --enable-doxygen  or  --enable-dot
> These docs may be, um minimal.

After updating from CVS HEAD, rerunning autogen with --enable-doxygen and 
running doxywizard I got:
neil at garfield:/opt/neil/gnucash$ find doc*/*/* -atime 1
neil at garfield:/opt/neil/gnucash$ find Doc*/*/* -atime 1
neil at garfield:/opt/neil/gnucash$ find src/doc*/*/* -atime 1

Hmm. Very minimal.

I'll keep writing some documentation as I go, using docbook. It may turn out 
to be useful for others.

> /** Call the callback for each entity in the collection. */
> void qof_collection_foreach (QofCollection *,
>                        QofEntityForeachCB, gpointer user_data);
> typedef void (*QofEntityForeachCB) (QofEntity *, gpointer user_data);
> You'll need to upcast the entity to gncInvoice.

Thanks Linas, I appreciate your help with QOF.

I'm giving it a break now - got to do some paid work - and I'll come back to 
it later in the week. This is a steep learing curve and it isn't going to be 
a quick development.


Neil Williams

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