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Tue May 4 17:31:06 EDT 2004


Neil Williams <linux at> writes:

> Actually, I've got experience of setting up and working with Wikis and the 
> site mentions using a Wiki as a possible development aid.
> What's the feeling about me combining the doxygen output and creating the Wiki 
> - preferably on - I don't mind.

We've already got access to a Wiki.  We've been using the GnomeSupport
Wiki.  For example, the FAQ is at:

And we've got a bunch of other GnuCash wiki pages there.

> I also write search engines for mailing list archives (just something to while 
> away the time while gnucash compiles) and I've got a few stock ones that I 
> can adapt, one in Perl and one in PHP (prefer PHP).

This we could do... In particular if you can search pipermail archives
directly (so you don't need to keep your own copy of the archives in
the search engine).

> So I could help with:
> Make sure the mailing lists are easily searchable

This is useful.

> Get more people write access to the website

This is hard for a number of reasons I don't want to get into right

> Quickly implement a Wiki or similar system

This is already there (although not at

> I'll be updating the doxygen output anyway, a Wiki doesn't take a lot to set 
> up, particularly one based in PHP and MySQL, and I can probably sort out a 
> search engine in PHP or Perl.

updating doxygen is still useful.

> The Wiki and the search engine are one-off tasks (with the odd bug-fix from 
> time to time) and not ongoing development, (because they can be made 
> time-aware so that new archives are automatically made available to the 
> search) and doxygen is a required part of the merge facility anyway.
> Is that useful?

Some, definitely!


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