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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed May 5 16:59:01 EDT 2004

Neil Williams <linux at> writes:

> Novel idea! It'll work with one proviso - could you make a tarball of:
> please? I need some real files to test the adapted script. If you could put 
> the tarball somewhere (any site will do) and let me know the URL, it'll be 
> easier than sending by email - I'm aware these are not small archives.

Done.  I'll send it in a private mail.  The Archives aren't actually
THAT large.  The -user and -devel archives for 2004 are a total of
about 2.5MB uncompressed.  The gzipped tarball is only 250KB.

> One way round this is simple - the info doesn't really change, so if you 
> create this single line file:
> <?php phpinfo(); ?>
> and call it phpinfo.php then put that somewhere in the webspace for the lists 
> site (so that it picks up the correct environment for my script), send me the 
> HTML output and delete the file.

Done.  I'll send this in another private email.


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