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Neil Williams linux at
Thu May 6 17:24:49 EDT 2004

> Search engine is coming along fine, BTW. So far, I've indulged my fondness 
> for  strict HTML onto the gnucash template and formed an exact match that 
> doesn't require deprecated tags (font) or structures (tables for 
> presentation not  data) using a little extra CSS. I've got the search engine 
> code in and it's  just a case of adapting it to the new paths. 
> Not ready to commit via CVS yet (been out at work all day) and I've been 
> unexpectedly called out to paid work again tomorrow. Expect first version on 
> Saturday.

There's a demo page (plain HTML, not search function) here:

It's my conversion of Lynas' Gnucash template into strict HTML.
Validation here:

At the moment, I've added a lot of CSS in the file that will go into a 
separate CSS external file for the search pages. (Some of the CSS might 
change slightly.)

Lynas, if you want to merge any of this with your content, 
feel free. I'll stick to the strict HTML for the search engine though - it 
makes the search result output easier to program because it doesn't need so 
many table definition codes. It's a slight reduction in the amount of HTML 
overall with the abandoning of the table for the sidebar - positional tables 
being deprecated by W3C for HTML 4.01.

As the final script will be on a different server, all I've done is amended 
the absolute references in the links into full URL links to 
so the translation and news/sidebar links work.

The links to the archives don't work - it's only a test page - but the paths 
are correct. It's a demo and the links to each archive (thinking about it 
now) are an artifact of the original script, they aren't needed for the 
search page - they just duplicate etc.

It's only an example and there'll need to be changes to accommodate the other 
lists (probably sub-pages) and it already automatically takes care of lists 
starting at different dates.

However, my French is rusty, my German is bad and my Portuguese and Dutch are 
non-existent! I'll be asking for help later to translate parts of the page!


Neil Williams
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