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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu May 6 17:37:44 EDT 2004

Neil Williams <linux at> writes:

> There's a demo page (plain HTML, not search function) here:

A couple of comments (some on the CSS, some on the interface):

1) You don't have the various languages in the top-right corner
2) the columns of the search choices are too wide on my (mozilla) browser
3) why do you limit the search to 6 months?
4) once you have many many years of archives it could lead to a LOT
   of checkboxes.  Perhaps it would just be better to provide a
   start-date and end-date to limit the searches?
5) how do you specify which list(s) you're searching?
6) I dont think you need to list the monthly archives at the top
   of the page.  We've already got one interface to that, I don't think
   we need another one.
7) The font/size selection in the sidebar is different than the website.

> At the moment, I've added a lot of CSS in the file that will go into a 
> separate CSS external file for the search pages. (Some of the CSS might 
> change slightly.)
> As the final script will be on a different server, all I've done is amended 
> the absolute references in the links into full URL links to 
> so the translation and news/sidebar links work.

We might need some script to be able to download the sidebar from the
main server and place it on the alternate server..  Or perhaps the
search interface should live on www and the results on lists?
I'm not sure.

> The links to the archives don't work - it's only a test page - but the paths 
> are correct. It's a demo and the links to each archive (thinking about it 
> now) are an artifact of the original script, they aren't needed for the 
> search page - they just duplicate 
> etc.

Ahh, good.. This answers #6 above.

> It's only an example and there'll need to be changes to accommodate the other 
> lists (probably sub-pages) and it already automatically takes care of lists 
> starting at different dates.


> However, my French is rusty, my German is bad and my Portuguese and Dutch are 
> non-existent! I'll be asking for help later to translate parts of the page!

Sounds fine to me.  I'm sure the list managers would happily help you
add the search functionality to their lists.

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