additional doxygen pages (was: Re: QOF help!)

Linas Vepstas linas at
Thu May 6 10:50:33 EDT 2004

> >>I'm not sure how to use doxygen for architectural docs...  Could you
> >>provide an example or pointers to docs that describe it?
> >
> >Using \defgroup , \addtogroup , \example , \mainpage and \file , and a
> >bit of convention, one could build higher-level structural docs
> >along-side the lower level file/function/variable docs.

I'll take it up on myself to mark up the doc/*.txt files that I own,
(maybe not soon, but I'll do it).  However it would be really nice
if someone took the *texinfo files, and figured out how to turn those
into html.  It would also be nice if someone took the gnc_numeric*
out of the texinfo files, and put them back into the source code
header file, where they should have been all along.


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