additional doxygen pages (was: Re: QOF help!)

Neil Williams linux at
Thu May 6 16:42:38 EDT 2004

On Thursday 06 May 2004 3:50, Linas Vepstas wrote:
> > >>I'm not sure how to use doxygen for architectural docs...  Could you
> > >>provide an example or pointers to docs that describe it?
> > >
> > >Using \defgroup , \addtogroup , \example , \mainpage and \file , and a
> > >bit of convention, one could build higher-level structural docs
> > >along-side the lower level file/function/variable docs.
> I'll take it up on myself to mark up the doc/*.txt files that I own,
> (maybe not soon, but I'll do it).  However it would be really nice
> if someone took the *texinfo files, and figured out how to turn those
> into html.  

Debian has a nice tool:

I'm really snowed under at the moment but it's not a big job. Anyone else have 
Debian or this tool? Shall I just do this when I can? 

> It would also be nice if someone took the gnc_numeric* 
> out of the texinfo files, and put them back into the source code
> header file, where they should have been all along.

time, time, time.


Search engine is coming along fine, BTW. So far, I've indulged my fondness for 
strict HTML onto the gnucash template and formed an exact match that doesn't 
require deprecated tags (font) or structures (tables for presentation not 
data) using a little extra CSS. I've got the search engine code in and it's 
just a case of adapting it to the new paths. 

Not ready to commit via CVS yet (been out at work all day) and I've been 
unexpectedly called out to paid work again tomorrow. Expect first version on 

Could do the texi2html early next week?


Neil Williams
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