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Thu May 6 18:31:06 EDT 2004

On Thursday 06 May 2004 11:01, Derek Atkins wrote:
> > I spotted a few and I've just uploaded a new file.
> Ok..  Much better.  You're still missing the language links in the
> upper-right corner.

Language: English | Français | Deutsch (mirror) | Nederlands | Português

Which browser are you using? It's showing in Konqueror and Lynx.

> >> 4) once you have many many years of archives it could lead to a LOT
> >>    of checkboxes.  Perhaps it would just be better to provide a
> >>    start-date and end-date to limit the searches?
> >
> > OK. Say defaulting to the last 3 or 4 years.
> Well, I was mostly thinking about a set of option menus that let you
> choose the start-date and end-date for your search.  So, instead of
> using a lot of buttons, it's just two sets of month/year option menus,
> or something.

I'll try it.

> But so far: good work!  :)

Actually, it's working. (locally at least).

That was using a request:

This leads to a bookmarkable search result. The options are:
terms	: 	self-explanatory, each one separated by + as per Google
abstract	:	on for a 250 character sample from the head of the message itself 
(not the file, the actual message), blank for off
boolean	:	AND or OR only are recognised
case		:	Insensitive or sensitive. (Will check why it's sensitive rather than 

Try the same thing yourself using grep on gnucash-devel/2004-April
(actually, I'm not sure how grep does a boolean AND search)

This way, you can construct a search request and put it into a link on another 
part of the website too.

The format WILL change because I'll have to include the archive and date to 

It's a case of getting the other archives into the array with their own start 
dates, adding the multi-archive capability to the querystring (already 
supported in the code) and I'll post the first script probably tomorrow 
evening or Saturday afternoon.


Neil Williams
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