[Gnucash-changes] message URL link update, new search link update

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Sat May 8 17:34:48 EDT 2004

On Saturday 08 May 2004 9:43, Derek Atkins wrote:
> FYI, the docs should be at www.gnucash.org, not relative to
> lists.gnucash.org.

I've done all the active links, these are from the old menu:

> >  <!-- old menu  moved to docs.phtml page ...

and are within a HTML comment. I've left them in for now until I've worked out 
with Linas how to link into his SSI link set.

Currently, I've got the script searching up to 4 months messages in one run 
without appreciable delays. So far, I've used options that just search within 
one mailing list archive over multiple months. Is there a need to have a 
search over multiple mailing lists?

e.g. not just a few months of gnucash-users but a couple of months of 
gnucash-users and a couple of months of gnucash-devel in the same search.

The script can cope with it and I'd probably test it by setting the list 
select box to multiple. However, the biggest burden on a script like this is 
changing directories. Searching over two mailing lists would mean halving the 
number of months to query on each list to maintain the same response.

Have a go with the search form and let me know how you feel. At present, 
multiple lists are disabled and I'd need to amend some code to make the 
result links work properly with two or more lists.


Neil Williams

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