[Gnucash-changes] message URL link update, new search link update

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat May 8 23:13:02 EDT 2004

Question: do you currently limit the number of answers?  It might
be reasonable to "page" the answers to limit the number of responses
to, say, 25 per page so you don't overwhelm a user if they, say,
search for "derek" in all the archives.  :)


Neil Williams <linux at codehelp.co.uk> writes:

> On Saturday 08 May 2004 9:43, Derek Atkins wrote:
>> FYI, the docs should be at www.gnucash.org, not relative to
>> lists.gnucash.org.
> I've done all the active links, these are from the old menu:
>> >  <!-- old menu  moved to docs.phtml page ...
> and are within a HTML comment. I've left them in for now until I've worked out 
> with Linas how to link into his SSI link set.
> Currently, I've got the script searching up to 4 months messages in one run 
> without appreciable delays. So far, I've used options that just search within 
> one mailing list archive over multiple months. Is there a need to have a 
> search over multiple mailing lists?
> e.g. not just a few months of gnucash-users but a couple of months of 
> gnucash-users and a couple of months of gnucash-devel in the same search.
> The script can cope with it and I'd probably test it by setting the list 
> select box to multiple. However, the biggest burden on a script like this is 
> changing directories. Searching over two mailing lists would mean halving the 
> number of months to query on each list to maintain the same response.
> Have a go with the search form and let me know how you feel. At present, 
> multiple lists are disabled and I'd need to amend some code to make the 
> result links work properly with two or more lists.
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