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Neil Williams linux at
Sun May 9 12:12:43 EDT 2004

On Sunday 09 May 2004 3:31, Derek Atkins wrote:
>  Cool!
> Nice work.

Thanks. I think it's ready now - I can't see much else I need to do with it 
except monitor for bugs and keep it in order.

The querystring does become very long in use, but by using defaults, it is 
possible to link or bookmark searches.
(searching for it's own development!)

Other search tips are on the search-tips page:

Searches in the default list, gnucash-user, require one less parameter again.

I've just got this:
File not found Not Found 
from the CSS validator. gnucash.css was in the mail-search import - I can 
change the link to the copy (make it easier to be in sync) or 
if it's somewhere else on or I can remove it completely - 
it's only there for compatibility. My own CSS is in search.css which is fine 
and the lack of gnucash.css doesn't affect the search pages.

So I suppose the only thing left to do is sort out the coordination of the 
sidebar with (Linas?) and links to the search script from and

I'm on holiday for a few weeks from next week and I'll have reduced internet 
access. Hopefully I'll have some more on gnc-book-merge when I come back. In 
the meantime, I'm looking forward to taking delivery of a new iBook in time 
for my hols.


Neil Williams
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