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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun May 9 12:36:43 EDT 2004

Neil Williams <linux at> writes:

> I've just got this:
> File not found Not Found 
>>From the CSS validator. gnucash.css was in the mail-search import - I can 
> change the link to the copy (make it easier to be in sync) or 
> if it's somewhere else on or I can remove it completely - 
> it's only there for compatibility. My own CSS is in search.css which is fine 
> and the lack of gnucash.css doesn't affect the search pages.

Your cvs tree is pulled out into /search -- so it would be
/search/en/gnucash.css Similarly, your favicon.ico would be
/search/icons/favicon.ico, etc.  (I noticed a bunch of errors
when looking for /icons/favicon.ico, which doesn't exist).

Basically, everything should be relative to /search (which should work
fine if you just use relative paths, "en/gnucash.css", instead of full
paths, "/en/gnucash.css").

> So I suppose the only thing left to do is sort out the coordination of the 
> sidebar with (Linas?) and links to the search script from 
> and

I can link to it from the lists top-level page.  We'll have to wait for
Linas or Chris to deal with www.

> I'm on holiday for a few weeks from next week and I'll have reduced internet 
> access. Hopefully I'll have some more on gnc-book-merge when I come back. In 
> the meantime, I'm looking forward to taking delivery of a new iBook in time 
> for my hols.



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