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Neil Williams linux at
Mon May 10 06:04:23 EDT 2004

On Sunday 09 May 2004 5:36, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Neil Williams <linux at> writes:
> > links to the search script 
> > from and
> I can link to it from the lists top-level page.  We'll have to wait for
> Linas or Chris to deal with www.


Rather than a link from
which can't be reached directly using the existing links from, 
would it be possible to put a link in these pages?

in the top section where it currently says:
The gnucash-user Archives 

You can get more information about this list. 

etc. It could be:
The gnucash-user Archives 
You can get more <a>information</a> about this list or <a>search the 

I've updated the search page to set the default list in the initial form when 
a link specifies an archive but no termstring. 
Like this:
<a href="../../search/?archive=gnucash-changes">link</a>
The presence of any terms starts a search using defaults to fill any empty 
fields. (Full list of defaults on the search-tips page).

These are the pages that visitors will go to for access to the archives, it'd 
be nice to have a link to the search engine for each one.

Alternatively, a simple form could be put into the same archive index page 
that lists all the months that would search the most recent messages with the 
term(s) entered.

For gnucash-devel:
<form method="get" action="../../search/?archive=gnucash-devel" 
<input type="text" name="terms" size="40"></div></form>
etc., one per archive.

Add &abstract=on to the action string to have the abstracts (quite helpful).
The search will then take defaults for the start month, current, and the span 
of 2 months in total - so it'll search the current month + the immediate 
previous month.

The search results page has the links for a new search using the full option 
list, should the visitor want a different search.

If you want one link for each month, much like the Thread Subject Author Date 
links, I can use &month=4&year=2003 etc. - digital entries only, with no 
leading zeroes and 4 digit years, not 2. Just let me know and I'll add the 
functionality - it's not in yet. You could also use multiple forms - one for 
each month - that use the syntax above or hidden input fields to add month 
and year to the action querystring and an input for the text. Thereagain, 
that's probably overkill.



Neil Williams
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