QOF-to-SQL Proof of Concept

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon May 24 11:10:49 EDT 2004

linas at linas.org (Linas Vepstas) writes:

> FYI,
> I just finished coding a proof-of-concept for saving & restoring
> arbitrary QOF objects to SQL tables & back.  I've now started on
> a prototype that will 'do it correctly' i.e. mutate into the final
> version.  You probbly don't want to look at the code, since its 
> 'all wrong', but its in the dwi.sourceforge.net CVS tree, in
> the 'examples/basic-qof' directory. The prototype that was just 
> started is in 'examples/qof-proto'.

Cool!!  I can't wait to see this proof-of-concept hit Gnucash.  :)
Nice work!!!

Question: What process are you using for cache coherency between the
QOF ram cache and the SQL backend?  Are you depending on a SQL NOTIFY
events?  Or are you performing a "refresh poll?"  I'm hoping it's the
latter, because some SQL engines that I'd like to use don't support
notify events (e.g. SQLite).

> Anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to manage user logins &
> permissions & etc? 

I would leave that up to the database...  Provide a login dialog when
opening the book and "login" to the database (maybe make this
dependent of the actual database in use?  E.g. SQLite probably doesn't
need it).  Then just use the database's permission model to protect
the data.

We might be able to get more clever and use per-table acls to control
which portions of the data a particular user has access to.  But I
think this is going to depend greatly on what the underlying db can

Another thing that we should fix: username and password information
should NOT be in the book URL.  This get's translated into a filename
and stored in ~/.gnucash/books/ which basically publishes your SQL
username and password.  Not a good idea.  Either we shouldn't cache
that information at all, or it should get stored in GConf or some
other "private" data source.  Just my $0.02 (riddled with some
feedback from a few users on IRC).

> --linas


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