GTK2 port

Jeremy Jongsma jeremy at
Mon May 24 11:59:22 EDT 2004

How can I get the GTK2 port from CVS?  I looked around and couldn't find 
details on

I want to start contributing to GnuCash, but since I'm not familiar with 
any version of GTK yet, I figured I might as skip GTK1 and just start 
familiarizing myself with the GTK2 port.

If anyone can recommend a good resource for getting up to speed on GTK2 
(and C to some extent), let me know.  I'm an experienced Java programmer 
with a bit of C and C++ background, but it's been awhile.

My goals are, of course, selfish - I want to start working on my 
wishlist... :)


Jeremy Jongsma
jeremy at

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