GTK2 port

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon May 24 12:11:03 EDT 2004

Jeremy Jongsma <jeremy at> writes:

> How can I get the GTK2 port from CVS?  I looked around and couldn't
> find details on

Uh, then you didn't look very hard, or you're blind.  The information
is one click off the main page on the CVS info page.  Read the FAQ, or
look harder at the menu on the web site!

> My goals are, of course, selfish - I want to start working on my
> wishlist... :)

Aren't all of ours?  :)


Looking at your wishlist, your best bet is to start working with
Benoit on LibOFX.  Get OFX Direct Connect working there first, then
the integration into GnuCash should be easy.  We already have an
online banking interface, but it's only used by HBCI.  Once OFX has
online banking that interface can get shared.

Your Overview Screen suggestion sounds like a MultiColumn Report with
a bunch of different reports pre-made.  You might want to look at

I can say it's a pretty agressive wish-list, but definitely a bunch of
good ideas.


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