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Jon Lapham lapham at extracta.com.br
Fri May 28 13:02:20 EDT 2004

Linas Vepstas wrote:
> I doubt this makes a difference for this case, but your computer
> is megahertz-rich and megabytes-poor.  For typical Linux desktop usage,
> you might find that a machine with a processor half-as-slow, but with
> twice-as-much memory will be faster.  Maybe. I know I do.

In the bugzilla bug I did some memory studies.  Initially, GnuCash uses 
10.6MB of RAM after opening the "0 txns, 600 accounts" gnc file I 
attached to bug #120028.

Opening 5 (empty, remember, no txns) transaction register windows of 
various accounts causes the memory usage to jump to 22MB.  Each new 
transaction window opened uses another chunk of RAM.

This "chunk" of RAM used with each new transaction register window is a 
function of the total number of accounts.  The more accounts, the more 
(much more) RAM is used.


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