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don Paolo Benvenuto donpaolo at gsi.it
Fri May 28 13:21:52 EDT 2004

El vie, 28-05-2004 a las 11:33, Linas Vepstas escribió:

> > I'm using gnucash in a rather complex situation, managing accounts of
> > three subjects all together. I have many accounts (900) and many many
> Are your accounts all at the top level, or are they nested?  If nested,
> what's the largest number of subaccounts in an account?

nested, and a very complex structure

> > In that situation, gnucash is running very slow: on my p4 1.8 G 256 M
> > ram it takes 5 seconds to open an account register, and the same time to
> > save a new txn.
> I doubt this makes a difference for this case, but your computer
> is megahertz-rich and megabytes-poor.  For typical Linux desktop usage,
> you might find that a machine with a processor half-as-slow, but with
> twice-as-much memory will be faster.  Maybe. I know I do.

When gnucash goes into swap, it isn't usable. The times I mention refers
to a no-swap use


Buon Cammino!

don Paolo Benvenuto

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