Extending GnuCash by the use of plugins

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Mon Sep 6 04:21:39 EDT 2004

On Sunday 05 September 2004 10:44, Paulo Jorge O. C. Matos wrote:
> Hi all,

Please read the website before posting, most of your questions are answered 
or here:

Both links are in the developer information panel in the navigation links on 
the left side of each page on www.gnucash.org

> Is GnuCash extensible by the use of plugins?

GnuCash is modular, but not plugable. Learn the modules and send in a patch.

> Is there any API one can use to extend GnuCash.

Depends what direction the extension is to follow!
Is it engine, import, reporting, business, query, storage, GUI, preferences, 
export, user data, register, graphing, stock, prices, scheduling, gnome2, 
QOF, DWI, Address, BillTerm, Customer, Employee, Entry, Invoice, Job, Owner, 
TaxTable, Vendor, Account, Cap Gains, Commodities, Lots: Core Function for 
AR/AP, Inventory, Stock Lots, Price Database, Account Heirarchy Tree, 
Accounting Periods, Accounting Policy (FIFO/LIFO), 
Scheduled/Periodic/Recurring Transactions, Data Validation, Financial 
Transactions, Transaction Logging, Quickfill Account Names, or Ledger? 

Each module has it's own API.

> Can someone please explain me what is Scheme used for in GnuCash?

Generating the reports, amongst other things.
"Various bits and pieces that help glue together the various components are 
written in Scheme"
(n.b. there's a typo on the website: peices[sic])

> Cheers,

Wish you'd never asked?


Neil Williams

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