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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 8 12:45:20 EDT 2004


Gaddy H <hardblues2004 at> writes:

> i need help!
> i am a programmer
> i got gnucash link and i don't know where to start:
> how do i download a CVS? (i have windows XP)? (i need one don't i?)

Note that GnuCash doesn't work on Windows, and it would be a LOT of
work to get it to work on Windows.  What are your intentions?

> is CVS a devel tool kit or i need something else?

See the above URL.  CVS is a source code control system, it is not a
devel tool kit.  If you don't know Linux/Unix systems then it'll probably
be VERY confusing to you.

> how do i join a forum(chat)?

Get an IRC client, attach to the IRC network, join the
#gnucash channel.  Once there, say hi and either ask your questions or
hang out, but don't expect lots of chatter.

> how do i contact programmers who need help / to ask for help?

This is probably the best place.

> please be patient with me :-)

We try.

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