JSR about complementary currencies.

Bernhard Fastenrath bfastenrath at mac.com
Thu Sep 23 14:27:08 EDT 2004

I've submitted a JSR about complementary currencies to the JCP.

A JSR is a Java Specification Request and the JCP is
the Java Community Process. (and Java is a progamming
language made by Sun Microsystems, I might add).

The JSR will have to be voted on by two boards before an
expert group is formed to create a common specification for
the Java programming language. My intention is to specify a
generic framework for the creation of various complementary
currency systems.

I think this could be strongly related to the venezia gondola
project, as my intention in joining the project was to use
venezia gondola myself in the context of complementary

The submitted description can be found at:

This mailing list is: dem-cc-jsr at lists.sourceforge.net

The mailing list info is at:

The intention is to dual-license the reference implementation
under the SCL and the LGPL.

A rough concept for the JSR is:

java.util.Currency needs to be extendable or needs to be
changed to support non-ISO currencies.

If it becomes extendable we need javax.tade.cc.ComplementaryCurrency
as a subclass to java.util.Currency or a class 
to dynamically generate new currencies.

A CurrencyProvider class could be a common superclass for
currency providers, allowing to dynamically add currency
lookup mechanisms to the system.

The main criteria for a currency lookup should be a
unique currency URI (e.g. "currency://timedollar.org").

The lookup mechanism should also verify if the required
classes to use this particular currency are installed in the
system and pass a basic self-test:

currencyProvider.getCurrency (TD).verifyOperability ()

The next step would be to distinguish peer-2-peer currencies
and account-based currencies.

In both cases (peer-2-peer and account based currencies)
the available payment mechanisms and available banking
mechanism should be detectable, this will probably require
interaction with JSR 182:

JSR 182: JPay - Payment API for the Java^TM Platform

Interaction with the german HBCI standard seems also
strongly recommended, to make this API a general
purpose API and allow HBCI capable applications to
use complementary currencies.

http://www.ikfk.de/idea.html, http://homepage.mac.com/bfastenrath/religion.html

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