Future of GnuCash

Bradley Grohs bradg at shaka.com
Fri Sep 24 07:40:49 EDT 2004

Just a little something from the penut Gallary.....

One problem i have always had with accounting software is they are all 
in one....  If your doing invoiceing you see the accounting, if your 
doing payroll you see the accounting, if your doing what ever... you see 
what only the accounts or owners should see.... and as any accountant 
knows the right should not do  what the left is doing and the head 
should know all but do nothing..... as in the account should have no 
access to the bank accounts, Invoces, Receving, Inventory, etc.... what 
so ever.....

Why quick books has a hard time in mid size bussneses....  and most of 
the stuf winds up ether double enterd into a custom database and a 
progam like quickbooks, done on paper and entered into quick books, or a 
complete custom solution is made....(As in my case)

My point is that maybe GnuCash future is to build it modular(Lets be 
relistic and do someting someone else aint doing)...  The Accouning 
Program that works for everybody envoled in finacial analisis.... and 
then Smaller programs that do invoiceing, payroll, A/P, A/R, Billing, 
Receving, Inventory Managment,  ETC....  and have all run with a library 
behind it so if the pregiven solution doesnot fit a bussness or user the 
can ether take the alread written code and modify it or build there own 
solution from the gound up.... but still use the core Accouning Program 
to do there finatial analisis...

Plus why does the account need to konw how many peas are in the 
freazer....  They pinch penneys not peas...   More of like an accounting 
suite....  Also helps when you have multi users....  Ther is a way to 
please everyone....lol

Plus to make matters worse when there are seperat solutions they dont 
work together.... sorta Patch to gether system....  Invoiceing program 
from here and Inventory program from there... now what...  how do you 
put all that information together....

just my thoughts

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