Help on gnome2

Martin Klaffenboeck martin.klaffenboeck at
Fri Sep 24 11:17:08 EDT 2004

Hi there!

I'd like to help you porting gnucash to gnome2.  So I loaded the gnome2
branch from cvs.

Now I read the HACKING file (after building and patching like I wrote in ) I changed
the /src/bin/overrides/gnucash with the gnucash-build-env (like written)
just using the full path, because it didn't find the gnucash-build-env.

When I try to start gnucash, it tells me:

gnucash: [W] "report-menu-setup"

** ERROR **: file gnc-main-window.c: line 792
(gnc_main_window_setup_window): assertion failed: (filename)

Where the line 792 in gnc-main-window.c tells me:
g_assert (filename);

Maybe it couln't find filename = gnc_gnome_locate_ui_file("gnc-main-

Please help me how to start gnucash for gnome2.



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