Help on gnome2

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Sep 26 20:08:59 EDT 2004

Martin Klaffenboeck <martin.klaffenboeck at> writes:

> Hi there!
> I'd like to help you porting gnucash to gnome2.  So I loaded the gnome2
> branch from cvs.
> Now I read the HACKING file (after building and patching like I wrote in
> ) I changed
> the /src/bin/overrides/gnucash with the gnucash-build-env (like written)
> just using the full path, because it didn't find the gnucash-build-env.
> When I try to start gnucash, it tells me:
> gnucash: [W] "report-menu-setup"
> ** ERROR **: file gnc-main-window.c: line 792
> (gnc_main_window_setup_window): assertion failed: (filename)
> aborting...
> Where the line 792 in gnc-main-window.c tells me:
> g_assert (filename);
> Maybe it couln't find filename = gnc_gnome_locate_ui_file("gnc-main-
> window-ui.xml");
> ?
> Please help me how to start gnucash for gnome2.

"make install" and then run it out of your install directory.
Apparantly the g2 branch doesn't have all the necessary environment
variable settings to point to the new-in-g2 ui configuration files.


PS: For the record, I never run out of the build tree, I always run
in the install tree..  I also install into /opt/gnucash-g2 to make
sure it doesn't interfere with other versions of gnucash.
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